Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 23rd January 2013.

What Hollywood Believes – Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was a choirboy as he was growing up, and his father taught him and his siblings “to be respectable, churchgoing folk.” Raised with “a strong Baptist faith,” Pitt shared his spiritual beliefs in the following interview:

There is one subject [Pitt] refers to time and time again, and that is religion. “I would call it oppression,” he says, “because it stifles any kind of personal individual freedom. I dealt with a lot of that, and my family would diametrically disagree with me on all of that.”
It’s only when we later drift into an unlikely debate about one of the New Testament parables that I realize just how different a kind of God Pitt grew up with. To him, the parable of the prodigal son is an authoritarian tale told to keep people in line. “This,” he explains, “is a story which says, if you go out and try to find your own voice and find what works for you and what makes sense for you, then you are going to be destroyed and you will be humbled and you will not be alive again until you come home to the father’s ways.”

You may not be familiar with the story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son, so let’s take a moment to consider what it says. The Prodigal asked his father for his inheritance, then went into a far country and spent all his cash on parties and prostitutes. He enjoyed “the pleasures of sin.” But after a famine hit the land, the only job he could get was feeding pigs. When he became so hungry that he was desiring the food that the pigs were eating, he “came to himself”—he came to his senses. Realizing that even his father’s servants had it better than he did, he decided to return to his father and say, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight. Take me on as a hired servant.” So he got up out of the pigsty and went back to his father.
The father was looking for his son’s return, and the Bible says that “he saw him while he was yet a great way off.” The father ran to him, fell upon him, kissed him, and rejoiced that his beloved son had returned. He freely forgave him and returned him to his former state.
That’s a picture of you and me. We desire pig food. Our appetites are unclean in God’s sight. That may sound offensive, but consider what we crave. Think for a moment of the contents of the average soap opera—adultery, jealously, lust, fornication, gossip, and greed. Or the average modern movie. To be successful in today’s market it must have violence, profanity, sex, and graphic murder, preferably in slow motion. Look at the covers of magazines in bookstores and supermarkets. They are “soft-core” pornography, which a few years ago was considered hard-core and hidden from young eyes. Think of video games that kids crave—they are extremely violent and sexually perverted. Think of rock music, with its explicit sexuality, its blasphemy, and its dark side. Consider the Internet’s multi-billion dollar hard-core porn industry, or how the average person uses unclean words in daily speech, without a second thought. Life in the pigsty is normal, natural, and completely acceptable.
And I have touched only the tip of the cold iceberg of humanity’s sins. God actually sees our thought-life and the secret sins we hide from others. He also sees our transgressions from the perspective of absolute and pure holiness. Who can argue that our appetites are not unclean in His sight?
But despite the unclean nature of our appetites, Jesus’ story of the Prodigal Son is a positive and wonderful story of God’s love. If we will come to our senses and admit that our appetites are unclean, and then leave the pigsty, God will meet us halfway.
Just as the prodigal “came to himself ” and sanity returned to his sin-soaked mind, take a minute to think of your desires and sins, and consider where they will take you. Ask yourself, “Which is better? Heaven or hell—death or life?” It shouldn’t take long to decide. Don’t try to compare yourself to others in the pigsty. Think of God’s holiness and compare yourself to His Law. Is your thought life pure? Have you loved God above all else? He gave you life. Have you loved your neighbor as much as you love yourself, as you have been commanded to? Has lust entered your heart? Have you ever hated someone, or been guilty of gossip? If your conscience is tender, it will remind you of the sins of your youth—sins that God sees as if they were committed yesterday. What will happen to you on Judgment Day? Rather than trying to justify yourself, bow your head before your Creator and simply say, “God be merciful to me, a sinner.” And the wonderful thing is that God is rich in mercy to all who call upon Him.

We are desperately concerned for Brad Pitt and the wide path he’s on, but like any unbeliever there are still many wonderful things that we can applaud about him. Angelina Jolie and Brad have adopted several children.
The heartwarming video about adoption we shared on-air:

If you’re considering an abortion, offering up your child for adoption is a wonderful thing to do. As well, we would encourage adopting a child to anyone. 

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