Friday, January 11, 2013

Words of Comfort: Hiding Place

Hiding Place – Julia Zwayne

Twining flowers, sprawling trees,
Curling vines and buzzing bees,
Velvet grass and babbling streams,
Fading by like pleasant dreams.

Swirling petals in the breeze,
Salty wind from distant seas,
Puffy clouds against the sky,
Pass the birds that swoop and fly.

Colors dancing in the sun,
Sunlight gleaming as I run
Through the meadow, through the glade,
Through the beech trees’ soothing shade.

Dashing, splashing, dancing, spinning,
Racing deer and never winning,
Sending dew drops through the air,
Throwing leaves without a care.

Little sparrows’ melodies
Floating down from apple trees,
Rabbits leaping, owls nesting,
Foxes prancing, badgers resting.

I can hear the wind that sighs,
I can see the butterflies,
I can feel the sun and breeze,
I can smell the cherry trees.

But I can’t stop to watch and look,
I run while clinging to a book,
I run as if I’m in a race
To find a certain, secret place.

Dodging, stumbling, ducking, leaping,
Through the briars, always creeping,
Heading for the distant creek,
I near the secret place I seek.

Maple trees with leaves aflame
Bending without any shame
Give me shelter, give me shade
As I scamper through the glade.

Barefoot, tramping through the leaves
Gazing up at hanging eaves
Hugging close the sacred book
I listen to the nearing brook.

Winding paths and bending lanes,
Beaten down by storms and rains
Lead me on as sunlight shimmers
Through the trees with golden glimmers.

Faster, faster, almost there,
Gusts of wind blow through my hair,
Tripping, stumbling, nearly falling
I can hear my river calling.

Following the path ahead
Wreathed with leaves the trees had shed,
I turn the corner, round the bend,
And race ahead to see my Friend.

Trees with leaves of flaming red
Have their branches fully spread
Over trees with leaves of green
Hiding what has not been seen.

But I can see it, only I,
Now I run there, now I fly,
Excitement bubbles up inside
As I dash to what I’ve spied.

I halt, I stop and tilt my head,
I gaze with wonder up ahead,
I hear the water down below,
Trickling at a steady flow.

A bridge with arches made of stone,
On the river, all alone,
Makes a path across the stream,
Still and peaceful, like a dream.

The river, swirling green and blue,
Whispers, laughs, and babbles too,
As I cross the bridge of stone,
Knowing that I’m not alone.

Stopping there with eyes closed tight,
I clutch the book with all my might,
I let the wind caress my face,
In the earth’s most secret place.

Safe from troubles, safe from war,
Safe from grief that eats my core,
Safe from people, safe from pain,
Safe from storms and gloom and rain.

The solid bridge beneath my feet,
The fragrant breeze, so soft and sweet,
The vibrant trees, surrounding me,
Warm my heart and set me free.

But all around, amongst the leaves,
Up above, beyond the eaves,
Someone lives there, watching me
Someone there Who I can't see.

This place, so peaceful and serene,
With leaves of red and leaves of green,
Isn't where I've come to hide,
Isn't where my bonds are tied.

Someone mighty, Someone strong,
Someone who has done no wrong,
Someone full of peace and grace
Has always been my hiding place.

Fingering the precious book,
I flip a page, and peer to look,
I read a bit, then close my eyes
And stand there as the hour flies.

Light is fading from the day,
But still I meditate and pray,
Wind is blowing from the West,
But still I stay to think and rest.

Surrounded by His love and grace,
I cannot leave this peaceful place,
Filled with joy and filled with praise,
I could stay here all my days.

In the presence of my King,
I can praise Him, I can sing,
But here, it’s easiest of all
Though anywhere, He’ll hear my call.

Vivid colors, laughing stream,
Peaceful like a pleasant dream,
Savior’s presence, joyful praise,
A God who’s with me all my days.

Someone mighty, Someone strong,
Someone who has done no wrong,
Someone full of peace and grace
Has always been my hiding place.