Monday, January 14, 2013

Words of Comfort: Hitler's Religion

NBC recently covered a story about a controversial stature of Hitler praying in former Warsaw ghetto. There are no words to describe Adolf Hitler. I was in tears as I researched Hitler God and the Bible. I saw Holocaust photos that I wouldn’t even try to describe because of their horrific nature. To call Hitler a “beast” falls far short of what he was. For anyone to create a statue that could cause him to be given any sort of homage, is the height of insensitivity. However, the thought of Hitler in prayer isn’t the oxymoron some may think it is. He knew that it is political wisdom to be seen publically praying. Hitler wasn’t an atheist. He was an “idolater” as are many of today’s politicians. He had his own concept of God. He thought that the God of the Old Testament was a tyrant, he hated the Ten Commandments and made up his own 12 commandments. He even created his own non-Jewish Arian Jesus. We were half way through the production of “Hitler’s Religion” (with ready artwork) when we realized that we had a prolife video, and changed its name to “180.”