Friday, January 25, 2013

Words of Comfort: Please Explain...

“Can someone please explain how hell is real. Let's face it, it simply might not be.”

To deal with the problem of Hell, we either have to say that there is no God (which is truly mindless), or we have to create a god that has no sense of justice (an idol). To say that the Creator of the universe is going to turn a blind eye to what Hitler did and to all other mass murderers, is to say that He’s infinitely worse than a judge who turns a blind eye to the mass murders by the Mafia. We would immediate remove a corrupt judge from the bench and prosecute him. A good judge must see that justice is done, and so it is with God. If He is good He will see to it that Hitler gets justice. But the Bible warns that He is so good that He will punish every murderer, every rapist, every thief, liar, fornicator, blasphemer, adulterer, and He will even punish those who looked with lust and so committed adultery in their hearts (see Matthew 5:27-28). His justice will be thorough, with a standard of moral perfection. The trial is set for Judgment Day, God’s prison is a place called Hell, and there will be no chance of parole. I thank God that because He is rich in mercy, my case was dismissed because Jesus paid my fine. The judged commuted my death sentence.

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