Thursday, January 3, 2013

Words of Comfort: The Texas Cop and the $100 bill

The Texas police officer who gave a motorist a $100 bill after giving him a citation for an expired registration, certainly expressed the spirit of the season. It’s a time of giving. But that's not the message of Christmas. The true (and often forgotten) meaning is expressed in the famous Christmas Carol, in four simple words: "God and sinners reconciled." In the comments section of the original Facebook post about the $100 incident, Kedssy Corchado asked, "…but why still give the man a citation?" He gave it to him because the driver was guilty of a serious crime. The officer was bound to uphold the law, so he (in essence) paid the fine himself, and in doing so expressed an act of kindness. That’s what Christmas is all about--not man doing good to man, but God doing something incredibly good and wonderful for humanity. Christmas celebrates that Jesus was born "that man no more may die.” We are all guilty of breaking the moral Law (the Ten Commandments), but He came to take our punishment upon Himself through His suffering on the cross. When He cried “It is finished,” that meant our fine was paid in full. When we repent and trust alone in the Savior, our case is dismissed from God’s courtroom. God and sinners are reconciled. That means He can legally let us live forever! That’s the true meaning of Christmas. Watch: