Monday, January 21, 2013

Words of Comfort: Ugly Mug.

A couple from New Zealand were being picked up by a shuttle from our ministry to take them to Los Angeles airport. As the driver put their luggage in the back I noticed that the vehicle was packed with people, so I ran back inside, grabbed a handful of “Genius” DVD’s, then flung open the side door and said, “Who likes the Beatles?” Almost everyone gave an enthusiastic “I do!” so I handed them out. The man closest to me held onto his copy, extended his right hand and said, “You spoke to me at Huntington Beach on Saturday!” Huntington Beach is about 20 miles south of us. With 22 million people living in Southern California it may have been more than a coincidence. I wonder if he was quietly saying “Give me some sort of a sign Lord” when suddenly the van door flings open and he sees my ugly mug?