Monday, February 11, 2013

Words of Comfort: Atheists Take the Cake

I heard someone say that creationists only believe in one real miracle—that God at one time miraculously created all things. But atheists who believe in evolution believe in trillions of miracles that happened over millions of years:

They believe that all the tiny flies, with their sniffing noses and compound eyes,

With their wings and other things

Such as tasting and hearing, are miracles of amazing engineering.

So are whales, with their breathing gills and massive tails,

And bees and fleas, dogs and frogs,

Cats and bats, and even the rats, and elderly ladies having chats.

Everything, from their eyes to their brain, from snowflakes to rain,

Everything, they have to concede, are truly miracles indeed.

So the next time you see clouds, the moon, or a shimmering lake,

Remember that as believers, atheists take the cake.

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