Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Words of Comfort: Dive in...

“I have always ached to share my faith since I got saved 7 years ago, but I've always hesitated because I often viewed myself as a person who doesn't have the social skills for it, but I would love to start! My younger brother who got saved 6 years ago actually orders Bible tracts from wayofthemaster.com and he shares his faith on a University campus here in my city, he also shares his faith at random on a daily basis and is in Bible college…But where to begin?” Janelle

You don’t need social skills to begin. All you need is a compassionate heart. The social skills will come as you step out in faith. Have you ever stood on the edge of an unheated swimming pool waiting to dive into the cold water? The longer you leave it, the harder it will become. You have to take courage and just dive in. Your flesh will feel it for a few seconds and then adjust to the conditions. So don’t hesitate—dive in. Go with your wonderful brother and give out tracts. You have a very real incentive to take the plunge. Human lives are at stake. Please know that I have fears every time I go to hand someone a gospel tract (I am serious). Every person I approach (no matter how unassuming) looks like a Goliath who is waiting to rip me apart and feed me to the birds. But I say to myself, “So what? How can I be concerned with my selfish fears when the person could be going to Hell?” There's no comparison between his fate and my fears. So I just do it. I say a warm “Good morning. Did you get one of these?” and let the chips fall where they may. After you have given out tracts for a while, take courage and say to someone who takes one, “It’s a gospel tract. What do you think happens after someone dies?” It’s an inoffensive question. Let them answer and then ask why they believe that. If you sink a little or take in some water, it will encourage you to make sure you stay afloat next time. If this still sounds a little scary, take the time to watch GeniusTheMovie.com. That will help you.

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