Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Words of Comfort: Kill The Spider.

"If you believe that the world is going to come to an end - and perhaps any day now - does it not drain one's motivation to improve life on earth while we're here?" Cyan Garamonde

Not at all. We desperately want to improve life on earth by stopping the mass killing of the unborn through abortion, the rape of women, pornography, greed, lying, child abuse, murder, theft, adultery, wife-beating, hatred, wars, etc. And the way to do that isn't just through protest or politics. All this evil is generated by one major cause. So if we want to deal with them, we have to deal with that cause. The best way to deal with the web is to kill the spider. The heart of the human problem is the sinful heart of the human being, and the only power that can change that is the gospel. There are many other problems, such as pollution, etc. I ride a bike to work, so that’s my little contribution towards a cleaner earth. But I don't stress too much about it because stress is a killer. Besides, those who love God are going to inherit this whole earth, without the Genesis curse--no earthquakes, tornadoes, pollution, hurricanes, disease or death. See for details.

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