Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Words of Comfort: Like!

Since December 23rd, 2012, I have been living on Facebook. This is because on that date I posted a few simple sentences that were read by an amazing 1,298,423 people. I suddenly saw Facebook as a place to encourage and equip Christians to reach the lost with exciting apologetics and important biblical principles. If you “like” the page you will get original quotes, such as “The best of Christians know that they are the worst of sinners,” and “Those who say that they were not intelligently designed, certainly seem as though they weren't,” and one memorable quote can be a tonic for the day. You will also get new chapter references and personal short-thoughts each day as we read the entire Bible together in a year. We get a lot of atheists who show up with their worn out arguments, thinking that they are God's intellectual gift to the world. We need Christians who have the love and patience to engage them. In the last month the page has increased by more than 40,000 followers, and would love you to join us. Just log into Facebook and "like": http://facebook.com/official.Ray.Comfort

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