Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Words of Comfort: Philosophy of Convenience

I was preaching open air at Huntington Beach in California recently, when a young man in the crowd asked me if I thought that God could have used evolution in creation. I told him that the two weren’t compatible because Jesus said that “in the beginning” God made them “male and female.” He disagreed, insisting that God and evolution were still compatible, so I asked if he was a Christian. He said that he was, so I double-checked by inquiring if he had been born again. He adamantly said he’d had the new birth, so I digressed slightly. I asked if he was having sex with his girlfriend. He became agitated, looked as guilty as sin, and said that I was using an ad hominem. I said that I wasn’t, and that I was asking him a simple question. He then became angry and used the “f” word, revealing the reason why he wanted God to have created everything using evolution. If evolution was true, then the Creator wasn’t the God of the Bible and there was therefore no moral accountability. Idolatry (making up your own god) certainly is the philosophy of convenience.

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