Thursday, February 7, 2013

Words of Comfort: Spelling Mistakes

During World War 2, British secret agents were told to include deliberate spelling mistakes as a security code when sending radio signals back to Secret Service headquarters. In 1943, an agent was captured and his radio seized by the Nazis, who then sent the British a message without spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, the Secret Service officer who received the message wasn't at all suspicious, and admonished the agent because he thought that he had simply forgotten the security code. This foolish mistake on his part more than likely resulted in torture for the captured agent until he gave them the code. The Nazis then sent fake messages and that resulted in the tragic loss of many British lives. 

As soldiers of Christ we are in a very real war with an enemy who wants to infiltrate our ranks, and to kill, steal and destroy. That's why we must keep our hearts free from sin, cultivate the fear of God, have a tender conscience, study the War Manual daily, and be in constant contact with Headquarters through prayer. One thoughtless mistake can result in tragedy, so be sober, watch, and pray.

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