Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Monday, 5th March 2013.

(Email from Anonymous) “I have heard a lot of people say that you should wait to feel led by the Spirit before you witness to someone. I never feel anything. Does that mean God doesn’t want me to witness, or does it mean I’m in sin? What does it mean to be ‘led’ by the Holy Spirit, is it Biblical?”

When I started leading the Street Team years ago, I took a group to a local mall and “waited on the Lord.” I waited for the Holy Spirit to lead me to the exact person He wanted me to speak with. I waited probably over an hour for this “divine appointment,” and didn’t witness to anyone. The problem was I was blind to the fact that God wanted me to witness to everyone.
Do you think God didn’t lead me because He didn’t want someone to hear the only message that could save them? Of course not, that’s ridiculous. I just didn’t know any better. I’d always heard, “Be led.” The passage used to support the idea of “waiting to be led” is found in Romans 8:14. It says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” Most only look at this one verse without looking at the context, but read the chapter. Paul wasn’t even talking about witnessing! He was talking about us not following the urges of the sinful nature, but rather the pure desires of the Holy Spirit. Nowhere in Scripture is it ever taught to wait to feel anything to witness. We are simply commanded to “go” into the entire world and preach!
If a child fell down an elevator shaft and was within your grasp would you wait to “feel led” to save him? Would you let him be crushed to death by the elevator if you didn’t feel God’s moving? Would you tell yourself, “There are many people about to perish around the world; I need to make sure this is the one the Lord has prepared”? You don’t have to pray or wait for God to prompt you to rescue the dying; it’s a sin not to.
Danny Lehmann said, “I think a good rule of thumb to follow would be to presume the Lord wants you to share the gospel with everyone unless He leads you not to.”
In Acts 16:6, Paul and his team were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach in Asia. Keep the same rule: Witness to everyone everywhere unless God tells you not to.

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