Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 13th March 2013.

(Facebook post) “Mr. Ray Comfort, I apologize to you and the other Christians whom I have insulted on this page. I came on here to criticize you so that I might avoid doing it in my personal relationships. Being on here for the last few weeks has shown me one glaring truth about myself. I must believe in God because I can't be angry at what I don't believe. My life has left me often feeling abandoned by God, leaving me filled with emptiness and resentment. I don't speak for other atheists who are at complete peace in their lives - only for myself. If I truly had no belief, I would not be spending all my time on this sight. I would simply go on with my life. So, being on here has served to offer me clarity. Some new friends I have made on this sight have suggested a few things, and I am open to them. Whether or not things change for me, only time will tell. But I will not be back on this page for the purpose of ridiculing and challenging others. I've run that road dry. I can think of no good reason to further attempt to belittle others for their beliefs. The more I do it, the more I am forced to look at the my true intentions. Thank you, Ray, for keeping me on here as long as you did. I'm done converting anger and disillusionment into hurtful sarcasm.”

Don’t Waste Your Cancer (from John Piper at Desiring God)

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