Thursday, March 28, 2013

Words of Comfort: Ad Hominem

An ad hominem is used when someone who is losing an argument attacks the character of their opponent. While it’s hard to keep up with the many accusations of lying and being a swindler, I will try and address two of them for the sake of the gospel.

Burr Valentine has continually called me a liar because of a recent post about atheism being called a “religion.” He said “The Supreme Court did NOT declare atheism to be a faith-based belief system. Ray lied. Ray's a liar. Ray's a lying liar who lied.” The truth be known, I didn’t say that the Supreme court said that atheism was faith-based. It didn’t. I am the one who said that it is faith-based, and I took the quote about it being a religion directly from this headline: “Atheism is a Religion Says US Supreme Court"-- source:

Over the years there has been continual accusations that I make millions by fleecing the sheep. As CEO for a nonprofit, last year my gross wage was $106,000. I took home $74,000 (taxes and medical insurances etc. are high in California). The average CEO for a nonprofit in the Los Angeles area is around twice what I earn. It ranges between $187,017 and $213,300. Source: Charity Navigators said, "While there are nonprofit salaries that we would all agree are out-of-line, it is important for donors to come to terms with charity executives earning a fair wage – which is roughly $160,000 according to our research." Source:

Atheists have posted links to our Living Waters donation page, presumably to show how I fleece the flock. However, as a non-profit we legally have to be donor-supported. If we don’t actively seek donors, and instead simply make profit from sales, we would be seen as for-profit and would rightly lose our non-profit status, and that means we would have to raise our prices. While I would love to be able to make everything available without charge, I have a staff to support (who have families and mortgages), and other bills to pay. That’s how life works.

Of course none of these explanations will even slightly satisfy atheists, but the information may be of benefit to those of you who have heard past accusations and will no doubt hear many more in the future. While I could simply ban those who accuse me of wrong-doing, I prefer that they stay because I am deeply concerned for their eternal salvation. However, in the future I will examine each, one at a time.