Friday, March 1, 2013

Words of Comfort: Carnal Minds

An atheist will often say that men wrote the Bible. They are right, because the alternative would be that it evolved or that it made itself, which is ludicrous. Yes, men wrote the Bible, but they wrote it in the same way a pen is instrumental in writing a letter. Men were God’s instruments to pen His letter (His will) to humanity. His personal signature is on the letter through the amazing prophecies of the Bible, because only He knows the future.

If you want to reach atheists with the gospel, don’t spend too much time addressing their “carnal” mind with apologetics, because that is the place of hostility they have towards God’s moral requirements (see Romans 8:7). The Bibles says that they are “enemies of God in their minds.” Instead, do what Jesus did and address the ally of their conscience, using the moral Law (the Ten Commandments). You can see this happening on

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