Thursday, March 21, 2013

Words of Comfort: My Daughter’s Post

The Lord granted our hearts’ desires this week when a couple chose life at the abortion clinic. Christina prayed fervently as they listened intently while I shared the truth with them about their precious baby and about their standing before God. As they sat on the curb discussing their decision, one of the workers from the clinic came out and called out to me, threatening to call the police. What a surreal moment. To one side of me, there was a precious couple, with heads down, making a decision to give their baby life. And at the exact same time, there was an angry woman yelling at me to mind my own business and leave people alone – leave people alone to choose death for their babies. All I could see was that big, glaring, gold cross around her neck…

Words cannot describe the elation of seeing that beautiful baby on the ultrasound. The young mother put her hands up to her face and cried. The young father jumped when he saw that first image of his 13-week old child, kicking and squirming and putting on a wonderful show for his parents. The dad smiled from ear to ear and put his face down to the mother’s tummy and started talking to his baby. After all was said and done, they expressed their heartfelt gratitude that we were there that day. Please pray for this couple as they will face many obstacles, but most of all, please pray that they will come to know Christ.

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