Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Words of Comfort: Predators!

Recently a man in New Zealand died after he was horrifically attacked and eaten by a shark. The atheist, however, can’t blame God for creating the shark, because (in his mind) God doesn't exist. He has to say that this tragedy was the cold result of the evolutionary process. It was a matter of survival of the fittest. The shark simply ate a primate who was in his territory. The Christian, however, has a different worldview. This terrible death of a human being confirms that we live in a “fallen” creation, under the curse of Genesis--where sharks devour people. So do lions and tigers. Snakes kill, bees sting, mosquitoes suck blood and spread disease, crocodiles bite your arm off, and bears rip open your rib cage. There are a whole lot of other nasty predators that will eat you for dinner, if you get into their territory or if they are hungry enough to come into yours. While evolution rests on faith because the believer has to believe what he’s been told about old bones, about theories and dating data, we can “observe” Genesis chapter 1 in the existing creation and in the fossil record. Not only is the curse observable, but we see male and female in every kind and all of them reproduce after their own kind, just as the Scriptures say. It’s all readily observable in Nature. None of it needs faith.

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