Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Words of Comfort: The Sound that Shook the World

It was the most profound sound ever heard in the history of humanity. Two thousand years ago, in a rich man’s grave, lay the three-day-dead, stone-cold body of a murder victim. Suddenly, deep from within that shattered and bloody corpse came a whisper of a sound, the implications of which thundered across the face of the universe. It was the faint murmur of a heartbeat in the lifeless body of Jesus of Nazareth. That tiny sound confirmed that the suffering on the cross was a finished work. Redemption of the human race was complete. The payment had been made, and the morally perfect thrice-holy Judge of the Universe was satisfied with the perfect sacrifice. That spark of resurrected life was evidence of the unspeakable…death had been overcome. Everlasting life could now be given as a free gift to guilty and Hell-bound sinners, because of the kindness and love of our beneficent Creator.

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