Friday, April 26, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Friday, 26th April 2013.

Why Teens Will Share Their Faith – from Dare 2 Share

Youth group testimony!!

(Email from Jeremy Doyle) “I just wanted you to know how blessed Valley Baptist Church’s High School Ministry in Bakersfield, CA is by what you guys do. We trained a group of about 38 students with the “Roots” evangelism DVD series then took them to Indio, CA for a mission trip. God moved in amazing ways there. The students felt very equipped to share the gospel. We brought hundreds of our favorite $1,000,000 tracts. We saw 30 people make decisions and 4 of our students decided to surrender their lives to the ministry. The best thing about this trip is that the students have not stopped sharing their faith. This is our first week back and they have already shared the gospel with teachers, to their family members, friends, out in public places, and all over their campuses. On Tuesday at lunch one of our students open air preached at lunch in the middle of his school. Today I brought him 60 tacos to give away to draw a crowd and he did it again (The attached picture is of Marcus today). A couple of other students open air preached at another campus in Bakersfield and one of them got taken to the dean’s office for open air preaching. (The dean is going to decide if they will be allowed to open air preach in the future) While he was being taken away his brother was able to continue preaching the gospel and answer questions. He said there were 50-60 students before his brother got taken away and about 30 when he continued preaching. God is moving in amazing ways here and students that didn’t even go on the trip are catching onto the fire. Thank you guys for all that you do. You will continue to see orders from us for tracts. God bless you all!”

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