Friday, April 19, 2013

Words of Comfort: 4 Infallible Proofs.

Four infallible proofs of God's existence

1. Creation/Nature. It is scientifically impossible for Nature to have made itself, or for it to be eternal. See Romans 1:18-20.

2. Conscience. Conscience is God-given and shaped by society. The word means "with knowledge." We intuitively know right from wrong leaving us without excuse on Judgment Day. See Romans 2:14-15.

3. Commandments. The Ten Commandments awaken us to His standard, so that we can see our terrible danger. See Romans 7:7-13.

4. Conversion. God proves His reality by manifesting Himself through the new birth. See John 14:21. Condensed from, How to Know God Exists -- Finalist: Retailers Choice Awards 2009. Special price:

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