Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Words of Comfort: Gory Story

The Bible is one of the most violent books ever written. It’s filled with murder, rape, genocide, incest, babies being ripped from wombs, decapitations, and much more material for nightmares. It’s 66 books in one, and is the history of the Hebrew nation. Its bloody message stands out in all its starkness--that Mankind is evil, and this evil nature is seen in what he does to his fellow man. It reads like the nightly news.

One gory story is the end of the reign of King Zedekiah. God continually warned him (through His prophet) that he would be taken captive by the cruel Babylonians. In His great kindness, God also told him how to avoid coming to a bloody end. But Zedekiah refused to believe Jeremiah’s warnings, and in time found himself at the mercy of the Babylonian king, who slaughtered Zedekiah’s sons in front of his eyes, and then gauged the king’s eyes out so that the last thing Zedekiah saw was the unspeakable horror of seeing his precious sons having their throats cut.

Tell me, do you think that Zedekiah regretted not believing God’s warning, and His kind offer of mercy? “Regret” wouldn’t be the applicable word for his emotions. Think about what he witnessed. Be the king for a moment. Feel his emotions. Then think what it would feel like to have someone take their thumbs, gauge out your precious eyes, and leave you in agonizing blackness.

No, “regret” is too weak a word. It could only be “remorse.” It’s the strongest word we have for such a horror, and remorse will be the eternal emotion of those who refuse the merciful warning of coming divine justice, and the offer of forgiveness in Jesus Christ. If they die in their sins they will be damned by a morally perfect and utterly holy God, who will see to it that perfect justice is done. We must let such sobering thoughts spur us on to reach the lost. If you are not born again and trusting alone in Jesus, please, oh please, check out

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