Thursday, April 18, 2013

Words of Comfort: Love Life & Lose It.

"It's amazing, you get a life and you are more concerned about the end of your life than living the one you have. What a sad way to be." Brett M. Wilco

Brett, I say this with respect. You don't know us or how we live. We love our families, laugh a lot, enjoy great food, most of us love sports, we appreciate the beauties of Nature, and on top of that we are loved by God, we love Him, and we live forever. We're not a group of celibate miserable monks, dressed in sackcloth, creeping around some cold monastery with a diet of bread and water and a vow of silence. We love life and we get to keep it. We have been “sealed” by God and have everlasting life promised to us by the God who cannot lie. As an atheist, you love life and you will lose it. What a sad way to be.

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