Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Thursday, 9th May 2013.

How can someone use Mother’s Day to reach the lost?

In a national poll of 1,000 Protestant pastors, LifeWay Research asked what the three highest attendance Sundays were throughout the year. Mother's Day (59 percent) ranked third behind the standard religious powerhouse holidays of Easter (93 percent) and Christmas (84 percent).

If you’re a pastor… PREACH THE GOSPEL IN SERVICE!! It will be one of the few times of the year where lost people will flock to church.

If you’re a kids worker… SHARE THE GOSPEL IN KIDS CLASSES!!! This may be the first and last time a child will be in church for a long time, give them the gospel in Sunday school and children’s classes.

Invite a neighbor to church with your family! Whether she’s a single mom, widow, or married, bring her with you. This is a time people are more likely to come to church (which creates a very natural bridge to a deep conversation about God).

Teen care packages. Partner with a local crisis pregnancy center and provide care packages to teen moms. Include nursing and newborn necessities, as well as a rose, Mother’s Day card, and a tract.

Park roses. Purchase long-stemmed pink roses or carnations and pass out flowers to moms at a local park. Attach a tract with them. You can do the same door-to-door in your neighborhood.

Mom’s making disciples

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