Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Words of Comfort: The Cure

“Does [“Blessed are the poor in spirit”] mean that those who are not humbled and ashamed by their desires are rich in spirit? Do the rich in spirit have to be unspeakably grateful for the sea of mercy?” Sionnach Fionn
Think of it like this. Someone who has terminal cancer who realizes that he is dying, will turn to the doctor for a cure because he sees his need. Someone else who has terminal cancer who thinks he’s healthy, won’t turn to the doctor for the cure. The one who sees his desperate state is fortunate because seeing his need led to his cure, but the deluded person who thought he was healthy ended up dying a painful death.

So it is with Christianity. If you see that you are poor in spirit—that you stand morally destitute before God, you will turn to Him for forgiveness and everlasting life. But if you are deluded into thinking that you are morally okay before God, you will stay in your sins and end up damned in Hell. Those who are poor in spirit are "blessed”—highly favored, but those who think that they are morally rich bring themselves under the just wrath of God.

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