Thursday, May 9, 2013

Words of Comfort: Feelin' Good

Two men on a motorbike passed me recently with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” blaring at full volume. It’s a great song, and it sure made me feel good. 

Striving to feel good is the chief end of most in this world, but if that’s your motive for becoming a Christian, you are going to be disillusioned. Jesus didn’t come for that purpose. Besides, there are plenty of alternative feel good things to do--good music, good pizza, great sports, etc.  Being a Christian is like being with partying passengers on a plane that is going to crash. Some on board think that it’s more important to put on a parachute than party.  Every now and then partygoers stop for a moment, mock those who are wearing a parachute, and laugh at the thought of invisible gravity.  

So keep partying if you just want to feel good, but if you want to preserve your precious life, then “put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” and trust Him with all your heart.

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