Thursday, May 23, 2013

Words of Comfort: Hook Worms

"Okay. Ray, you're really starting to worry me now. Do you actually believe all that? I mean, about a Creator? Your premise is that the world we live in is highly complex and ordered, and that such complexity would require a Creator. If that is correct, then the Creator would be much more complex than that which He has created - which means that the Creator would need a Creator, since complex things require a creator... Secondly, you omitted from your list of God's wonderful creation such things as hook worm, that like to wind their way into the eyes of humans and then into their brain to kill them. Why do you not acknowledge that - if there is a Creator - he has made some pretty wicked/hurtful/spiteful forms of life?" Stephen B.

The Creator would only need a creator if He wasn't eternal. God has no beginning and no end. The Bible teaches that He dwells outside of the dimension of time. When you die you will move out of time into eternity and stand before Him in Judgment, no matter what you don't believe. The hook worm argument is from theist Mark Twain, who believed in his own version of God, and at the same time hated established religion. The reason there are hook worms is the same reason that there are disease-ridden Mosquitos, man-eating sharks, people-killing cancer, earthquakes, tornadoes, pain, suffering and death--we live in a fallen creation. All these things don't disprove the Bible, they confirm its divine truths.

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