Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Words of Comfort: Need God

“How is it ‘evil’ if I don't feel there is enough evidence to believe in him? That is my only ‘sin’ and it's going to have me burn eternally. Why is that deserving of the most extreme, eternal punishment while a serial killer is deemed ‘less evil’ than I am merely because he accepts Jesus? He is considered ‘evil’ on Earth, but gets to reside in Heaven; I am a good person in life, but burn in Hell because of a technicality.” Donna Maree
Donna, every one of us believes in the existence of God. To look at 1.4 million different kinds of birds, fish, insects and animals, all with male and female (except for a few snails), flowers, the four seasons, fruits, color, the magnificence of the sky and the brilliance of the sun, and say it had no Designer is the ultimate rebellion.  But that is just an anthill compared to the mountain of sin each of us have mounded up, and that sin calls for the justice of a holy God.
Imagine if we only sinned against God ten times a day. We let a little greed, some lust, or selfishness into our hearts. Or we have an attitude of ingratitude, tell a small lie, gossip, or hate someone, or we fail to love others as we love ourselves, or fail to be thankful to God for life. Maybe we blaspheme His name or take something that belongs to another person. At just ten sins a day, in 40 years we would have mounded up just under 150,000 sins that God must punish, because He is holy and just. When the Bible speaks of being damned by God for our sins, it means prison without parole. If you die in yours sins, you will find yourself without hope and in deep regret that you failed to trust in His mercy.
Your thought that a serial killer is deemed “less evil” because he “accepts Jesus” reveals your lack of theological understanding. No one will get to Heaven because they “accept Jesus.” That’s a term used by the contemporary Church, and it’s not in the Bible. Someone who has taken the life of another (as did the Apostle Paul) can be forgiven upon his repentance and faith alone in Jesus. That’s the way of salvation. 
Your assertion that you are a morally good person just isn’t true in the light of the biblical definition of “good.”  You are no doubt like the rest of us and have sinned against God a multitude of times. If you don’t believe it, put aside your own definition of a good person, and compare yourself to God’s perfect standard. You can do this at www.needGod.com and as you do so, be assured that if you have taken the life of another person through abortion (or even advocated it) God can forgive you, because of what Jesus did on the cross.