Monday, May 27, 2013

Words of Comfort: Targeted at Atheists?

An atheist wrote recently and commented: “Half of Ray's updates are targeted at atheists. He has made a lucrative name for himself by stirring the pot while making himself look quite the fool. The only fool is the atheist who insists on reacting to his nonsense giving him more publicity.”

This is true. I wonder why he was personally reacting to my nonsense and giving me more publicity? After another atheist accused me of targeting atheists, I took the time to go back through 40 of my posts, and found only one mention of atheism. I don’t particularly “target” atheists, but anyone who isn’t born again. Jesus said that if someone isn’t born again, they won’t enter Heaven (see John 3). So if you’re an atheist, Jesus said “You must be born again.” If you are not an atheist, the same applies.

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