Thursday, May 2, 2013

Words of Comfort: Where They Belong.

"We'll leave you alone as soon as you realize not everyone shares the same beliefs and keep your beliefs in your home and churches where they belong…none of us have the right to impose our beliefs on each other. The human race will be in a much better place when religious people learn this." Aaron Petersen

I would like to say that you should to keep your beliefs about where we keep our beliefs, to yourself, where they belong. But I won't because we respect you enough to let you onto a Christian Facebook page, to impose on us what you believe. And by the way, we won't be keeping the gospel to ourselves, our homes, or our churches. We are going to use every medium possible to shout the message of everlasting life from the housetops. We’re coming at you Aaron to tell you that eternal life is the free gift of God--and that no one needs to end up in Hell….including you. We deeply care about you and where you spend eternity, even if you don't.

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