Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Words of Comfort: Assurance of Salvation

Hi Ray-
I love your blog and Way of the Master since I have let Jesus into my heart 3 years ago. This post has reminded me about something that has been troubling me greatly. I was raised by my mother, who was Jewish for her whole life. I have presented the Good News to her in person, and left some tracts from Living Waters, but she has always rejected the message of Salvation. Tragically, she passed away in April of this year, and I fear that she did not accept Jesus into her heart. I am tormented by the thought of her suffering.
How can I be assured if she had accepted Jesus at the end?
 The salvation of loved ones is very close to the heart of every Christian. For about 40 years I earnestly prayed daily for the salvation of my mother, and she died without my having complete assurance that she died trusting in Jesus. 

However, I leave the issue entirely in the hands of God. I trust Him implicitly...and evidence of that trust is my joy. There are two reasons I trust Him with my Mom. The first is that I should trust God in it, because He is the One who gave her life, the One who loves her more than I do/did, and the One who saves any human being. The second reason for leaving the issue entirely in the hands of God is that all the worry, fretting, concern in the world isn't going the help in the slightest. Jesus said, "Let not your heart be trouble," so don't let it be troubled. Don't be tormented either, just give it all to God and rejoice in Him. Charles Spurgeon said, "Faith me swim, where reason may only paddle."

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