Monday, June 10, 2013

Words of Comfort: Trusting Evidence

“Ray, belief in the theory of evolution relies on discernible facts that help support the theory. It is not faith or trust based. Your refusing to believe does not make the facts go away.” Richard Stein

Notice that Richard said “Belief” in the theory of evolution. That’s faith. He “trusts” that what he is seeing in the evidence is true. Then he says that the belief “relies on.” That’s “faith” again. Belief in evolution relies on (trusts in) what he believes are discernible facts. These facts are believed by him. He has faith in them. Then he says that I don’t believe the facts in which he trusts (in which he has faith), and he is right. I don’t have faith in them because I don’t want a belief. I want observable evidence that doesn’t need faith, and evolution rests entirely on the faith of the believer. Richard believes. I don’t.

Normally, someone believing in something is no big deal, because they are free to believe in anything they want. However, having a misguided faith in Darwinian evolution (not dogs evolving into dogs or bacteria becoming bacteria—which is not Darwinian evolution) is causing many to reject the truth of the observable Genesis account and the consequent offer of everlasting life through the gospel. That is a tragedy beyond words.

What we see in Genesis is observable in the existing creation and in the fossil record. We observe (see) male and female as well as every animal bring forth after its kind, throughout nature. Creationism is observable without the need for faith. Evolution is unobservable and needs great faith. 

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