Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yesterday’s Show Notes: Thursday, 6th June 2013.

debunked: As a Christian I Don't Need to Talk About Jesus (I just need to live a good life)

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(Email from Eric) "I've watched many of the street preaching videos and was wondering if you have a video or literature that goes through the process, from start to finish, of doing street preaching. I know there's preparation before, during, and after someone is one the box, and that there are more people than just those that get on the box, but what does a typical setup look like?"


A few recommendations:

  • Season 4 – Of all of our season, it has the most emphasis on Open-Air, with tips throughout and many Open-Air examples. The “Paris” episode has a great how-to example. It shows an open-air with Ray from drawing the crowd straight to the finish.
  • YouTube – We have a whole playlist entitled, “Open-Air” (see
  • Open Air Preaching: New York - It’s only available as “Download” section of our online store.



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