Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yesterday’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 18th June 2013.

What Hollywood Believes – Katie Couric

BIRTH NAME: Katherine Anne Couric
OCCUPATION: Broadcast Journalist
CLAIM TO FAME: Co-anchor on the “Today” Show

In recent years Katie Couric tragically lost her husband and her sister to cancer. When asked, “Do you find strength in faith?” she replied, “I was raised a Presbyterian. I think my faith has been tested. For a period I was really angry. But I’m coming back to the fold. I go to church, which gives me a moment to be contemplative and to take stock. I admire people who have a deep, abiding faith. But I think it’s hard when something terrible happens, and you can’t understand why a benevolent God would allow it. There’s so much suffering.”

While suffering often mystifies us, God has given us a strong consolation to help us overcome the pain. It is faith, but it is one that trusts in the promises of God—and when it comes to suffering, let’s zero in on one specific promise. It’s in Paul’s letter to the Romans: “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
This promise says that if we have aligned ourselves with the will of God (by turning from sin, being born again, and trusting in the Savior), whatever comes our way comes only by the permissive will of God. Some terrible circumstance may not be in His perfect will, but it is in His permissive will. That means that God doesn’t send the particular suffering, but He (in His infinite wisdom) allows it to happen. This is a principle dealt with in the Book of Job. The pain is still very real, but God promises to work the situation out for good.
A great preacher named Charles Spurgeon said, “Faith may swim, where reason may only paddle.” This is so true. The more you trust God in adversity, the more peace you will have in the storm. This is evidently seen when Jesus slept in a boat while He was in a violent storm. Peter also slept soundly in prison the night before his planned execution. Faith rests in adversity. Those who trust that God is at work in “all things” have the wonderful comfort that though the tapestry of life looks like nothing but a confusing mess, the day will come when it is turned over and His skillful handiwork will be clearly seen. Faith (trust) sees the certainty of that day.

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