Thursday, July 4, 2013

Words of Comfort: Atheist Charities

Someone wrote: "Ray, there are many atheist charities doing good works."

After I typed the search words “atheist charities” a number of sites did come up. The top one talked about atheist charities: “It's often said that there are no atheist charities.” Below that one atheist charity was named—the “Atheist Center” of India. Then it was stated, “Really, the Atheist Centre of India provides so much that it's difficult to summarize it in one module. Atheist Centre of India has been providing relief, support, and care since the 1940s.” So I followed the link to this atheist charity and found their mission statement: “Gora Science Centre was started by Gora in 1961 as a wakeup call to the people of India to promote scientific temper.” It had nothing to do with feeding the starving or helping the poor.  Undeterred, I went to the number two site that responded to “atheist charities.” This one was titled, “Secular Charities | We Are Atheism.”  They began with “Here is a list of regional and national charities or foundations.” There were three in the list. One raised $800 for a needy family in Kansas. They also had picture of what seemed to be atheists packing food in boxes at “Harvesters-The Community Food Network.” But according to the Kansas City Rescue Mission’s website they are “a Christ-centered organization.” The other two on the list were the Richard Dawkins Foundation, and one organization whose main purpose was to raise money for the fight against cancer.


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