Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Words of Comfort: Tweeting

“READ 1 Sam 15-17 (16:6,7,11): It is great comfort to us nobodies that God chooses nobody’s from nowhere to do great things for His Kingdom.” An atheist said, "Makes no sense whatsoever."

These are actually daily tweets as we read the whole Bible in a year. So I'm limited to 140 characters. With a few more words I will try and explain to you what it says, if that's okay. If you study the Scriptures you will see an underlying principle--that God overlooks the gifted, strong, and talented, and chooses weak people to do His work. He chooses nobody's from nowhere. This was seen clearly when Samuel was told by God to choose Israel's next king. He looked over the sons of a man named Jesse and said as he looked at each one of the strong and masculine lineup (I think there were seven sons there), "Surely this will be the one." But God said it wasn't any of them. So Samuel asked Jesse if he had any more. He did. There was an unimportant son...a nobody shepherd boy named "David," who was out somewhere looking after sheep. He was the next king. That principle is a wonderful consolation for the millions of us nobody's who are lost in a sea of humanity.

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