Thursday, August 1, 2013

Words of Comfort: Mentiroso

“The Bible was written by man and men lie. Also there is no God; man created it just like the concept of sin.” -Wayne Searle

This atheist says that men lie and expects us to believe him when he says that there is no God. Of course the Bible was written by men. What sort of person would believe that there was nothing and a big bang produced a book with chapters, verses, sentences, and meaning? To believe that anything with such order happened by chance is a ludicrous thought. Each of its more than 40 authors were inspired by God and penned its words over a period of 2,300 years, and yet there is an incredible thread of continuity throughout the Scriptures. In the Old Testament, God promised to destroy death--man’s greatest enemy, and in the New Testament we see how He did it.

I have been reading the Bible every day without fail for more than 40 years, and there are no mistakes in it. The only “mistakes” we may think we find are our mistakes.

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