Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words of Comfort: Missing Link.

“What you want is a missing link? Am I correct? Now please answer me something... let’s say I give you an example of species between fishes and reptilians, such as the Ichthyostega, will you ask me to give you another example in between ichthyostega and modern reptilians?  And if I give you that, won’t you ask me for another missing link, in other words, how much evidence do you need so your mind can see that evolution consists on assumptions supported by facts?” Ian Duarte 

Charles Darwin spoke of a change of “kinds”—not a change within kinds as you are proposing. For Darwinian evolution (as Richard Dawkins likes to call it), there isn’t any observable and testable (the scientific method) evidence. Nothing is supported by facts. It all rests on nothing but blind faith.