Friday, September 20, 2013

Tonight, Professor Craig Stanford from USC...

Tonight, Professor Craig Stanford from USC is going to talk about creationism and Darwinian evolution. He tweeted:  “I'll be on the No God Podcast tomorrow afternoon talking about creationism and other folktales....and about science and evolution.”

"New episode coming up this Friday, features @CraigStanford7 and discusses evolution and @RayComfort's film EvG."

This is his opportunity to expose my supposed deceit and tell an eager audience what it was that we cut out and left on the editor’s floor. This is a huge moment for evolution because he can do what Richard Dawkin’s has failed to do. He can give scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution—a change of kinds, something never done before.

I’m no prophet, but I think I can predict what he will say. He will say something like this. “Ray uses outdated words like ‘Darwinian evolution’ and unscientific terms such as ‘kinds’—an outdated biblical term that is never used in biology.”

Both of these statements are not true. Here are two examples of Professor Richard Dawkins using the term ‘Darwinian evolution,’ and the biological definition of the word ‘kinds’:

Then he will say that my problem is that I don’t understand evolution—that I want to see a dog change into a cat overnight, when I have never said any such thing. The supposed changes of kinds are said to have happened over millions of years, not overnight.  He will create a “strawman” (misrepresent what I believe), easily tear it down, and declare himself the winner.

He will then give evidences for “adaptation” and “speciation,” saying that they are examples of Darwinian evolution, when they’re not. They are changes within kinds—birds changing into birds, bacteria changing into bacteria, and fish evolving into fish. Everyone believes in adaptation because we see it everywhere in Nature.  He won’t give any examples of a change of kinds because he can’t. There isn’t any. Evolution is unproven and unprovable. It rests on nothing but blind faith, and as Richard Dawkins so aptly said, “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence.”

Meanwhile more than 180,000 “Evolution vs. God” DVD's have been given out and it has had over three quarters of a million YouTube views, in six weeks. It can be freely viewed on