Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Words of Comfort: Discouraged?

Do you feel discouraged by negative reactions to the gospel? You shouldn’t. According to the Gospels, the religious leaders tried to kill Jesus ten times. Let’s look to Scripture and see what happened when Paul preached the biblical gospel:
Acts 13:45: The crowd began “contradicting and blaspheming.”
Acts 13:50: Paul and Barnabas were persecuted and thrown out of the region.
Acts 14:5: The crowd plotted to stone them, forcing them to flee.
Acts 14:19: Paul was stoned and left for dead.
Acts 16:23: Both Paul and Silas were beaten with “many stripes” and thrown in prison.
Acts 18:6: Paul’s hearers “opposed themselves, and blasphemed.”
Acts 19:26–28: His hearers were “full of wrath” and seized Paul’s companions.
Acts 20:23: The Holy Spirit warned Paul that bonds and afflictions awaited him wherever he
preached the gospel.
Acts 22:21,22: His listeners called for his death.
Acts 23:1,2: As soon as he began to speak, he was smacked in the mouth.
Acts 23:10. After Paul spoke there was “great dissension” in the crowd and he was nearly “pulled in pieces.”
Acts 23:12,13: More than forty Jews conspired to murder him.
Acts 24:5: He is called a “pestilent fellow,” a “mover of sedition,” and a “ringleader” of a “sect.”

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