Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Words of Comfort: The Fall.

Many years ago, a man jumped off a high bridge in an effort to end his life. Fortunately, he lived through the ordeal but broke his back as a result of the fall, and ended up in a wheelchair. His attempt to take his life caused a great deal of distress, to those in control of the bridge, to  paramedics, to traffic, and especially to his family. Authorities wanted to press charges against him but they couldn’t; since this was the city’s first suicide attempt, they had no law forbidding such an act. He escaped the consequences of the law of man, but suffered the painful consequences of breaking what is sometime called a law, the law of gravity.
In the same way, there was no prosecution by God from Adam to Moses. However, every person in Adam still sinned and therefore suffered the consequences of breaking the then unwritten moral Law—“the soul that sins, it shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4). Death reigned as king, with a dominion from Adam to Moses. They didn’t partake from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil as did Adam, but they still sinned against God by violating the Ten Commandments.

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