Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Words of Comfort: From Ray's FB Page.

An atheist in welcoming another atheist to this page said, "Seth welcome. I would add to the rules: never discuss Ray's ministry with regards to money and never criticize the ministry or Kirk Cameron. Go super light on expletives and never use phrases such as My Dog (I didn't type the actual words because I would get banned) or anything remotely blasphemous. If your arguments are very strong you may randomly be banned if you're on the atheist side."

You are very close to being banned yourself for that last remark. This is because you are misrepresenting the reasons for which people are banned. No atheist ever has even slightly "strong" arguments, so you can discuss any arguments you wish for your beliefs without a fear of hitting the atheist graveyard (which has well over 3,000 souls).  

One other thing. If you go "super light" on expletives you will be banned for using expletives. That includes abbreviations such as “BS” and others.

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