Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Words of Comfort: Predators.

Why do animals kill each other? The Bible tells us. Why is there aging in human beings and in all of Nature? The Bible tells us. Why do women have pain in childbirth? Why is there so much evil? The Bible tells us. Why do people use the name of a Jesus as a cuss word? Why is there so much suffering and sickness through this world? Why do all human beings die? What's the purpose of human existence? Where is God? What happens after death? Why do so many people hate the Bible?  How can I find everlasting life? The Bible tells us all things, and so much more. Ignore it, mock it, twist its words if you will. But doing so will be at your own peril. 

Instead, open its divine pages and begin reading the Gospel of John with a humble and thoughtful attitude. If you do that you will find that there is nothing on this earth like it. This is because it's about the only begotten Son of the Living God. It is about the Creator who clothed Himself in human flesh to destroy the power of the grave for dying humanity. May God open your eyes, as He did mine and the blind eyes millions of others. 

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