Friday, December 13, 2013

Words of Comfort: Relevant today.

"Since you change your mind about whether the Ten Commandments apply to you on a weekly basis, does that mean your god changes his mind too, or do you just make this twaddle up as you go along?" Nick Lyon 

The Ten Commandments are extremely relevant to the Christian. However, the moral Law's primary purpose is to show us that we have sinned against God. It's like a mirror. It reveals to you that you are dirty and need to wash. It can't cleanse you, but it can show you the truth, if you are prepared to look into it.  

The Ten Commandments show us that we are morally unclean in God's sight, and that we need His cleansing mercy. When we are saved from death and Hell (born again), we no longer lie, steal, lust, hate, blaspheme, etc., not because we want to earn eternal life, but because we are grateful to God for already giving us everlasting life.

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