Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Words of Comfort: Religion is utterly hopeless,

“…every other religion gives its adherents hope; that's kind of the point of religion.” Frodo Underhill

Your statement shows that you neither know what Christianity delivers or what "religion" offers. 

Religion says that if you are good enough and do enough, you may bribe God enough to give you everlasting life. It is hopeless because it can’t deliver its hope. God will not pervert justice by allowing Himself to be bribed. In fact His Word warns “The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God.” Try and bribe an earthly judge and you will find yourself under the wrath of criminal law. Religious works simply stir more wrath from God for our sin.  

Christianity is different. It says that although the Judge is wrath-filled against all wickedness, He is rich in mercy and has provided a Savior. Jesus took the wrath of God’s Justice upon Himself—taking the punishment for our sins. Through His death and resurrection, God can now freely forgive our sins and let us live. He grants us the "gift" of eternal life (see Romans 6:23). We don’t have to strive to earn God’s favor. It’s freely given to us because He is good and kind. 

So religion is utterly hopeless, while Christianity delivers eternal salvation from death and Hell to all who repent and trust alone in Jesus. 

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