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Words of Comfort: Smile :)

If you appreciate “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” this very short clip will probably make you smile:

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Thursday, 30th May 2013.

My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech
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This is an excerpt of an email to Ray from an atheist.

You are really convinced that you've got all the answers.  You've really got yourself tricked into believing that you're 100% right. Well, let me tell you just one thing. Do you consider yourself to be compassionate of other humans? If you're right, as you say you are, and believe that, then how can you sleep at night? When you speak with me you are speaking with someone who you believe is walking directly into eternal damnation into an endless onslaught of horrendous pain which your 'loving' god created, yet you stand by and do nothing.

If you believe one bit that thousands every day were falling into an eternal and unreacheable fate, you should be running the streets mad with rage at their blindness.  That's equivalent to standing on a street corner and watching every person that passes you walk blindly directly into the path of a bus and die, yet you stand idly by and do nothing. You're just twiddling your thumbs, happy in the knowledge that one day that 'walk' signal will shine your way across the road.

Think about it. Imagine the horrors Hell must have in store if the bible is true. You're just going to allow that to happen and not care about saving anyone but yourself? If you're right then you're an uncaring, unemotional and purely selfish (expletive) that has no right to talk about subjects such as love and caring.

James Franz

From The Way of the Master (book): “Hell should be so real to us that its flames burn away apathy and motivate us to warn the lost. Do we see the unsaved as hell’s future fuel? Do we understand that sinful humanity is the anvil of the justice of God? Have we ever been horrified or wept because we fear their fate? The depth of our evangelistic zeal will be in direct proportion to the love we have. If you are not concerned about your neighbor’s salvation, then I am concerned for yours.”

What would you say?
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Words of Comfort: Goodbye

Deny the God-given light that He gave to you and say goodbye to God, you will also say goodbye to color, beauty, love and laughter. You will say goodbye to joy, good food, and thirst-quenching drink. You will say goodbye to fun, family, and friendship. But the tragic irony is that the word “goodbye” comes from the old English phrase “God be with ye.” You didn’t want God with you so you will spend eternity without Him, and every pleasure He made.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 29th May 2013.

The Skinny on Prayer – how to pray the “Lord’s Prayer”

Words of Comfort: Futile

Every generation from the Romans to the generation who saw the advent of the motor car, thinks that they are the state-of-art "we've got it together" modern generation. But in 20 years’ time a new generation will laugh at the iPad, the computer, the shape of our cars, the dated music and hairstyles, and think of themselves as the modern generation: "The Lord knows the thoughts of man, that they are futile" (Psalm 94:11).

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Yesterday’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 28th May 2013.

What Hollywood Believes – Michael Caine

BIRTH NAME: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr.
DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1933
PLACE OF BIRTH: Bermondsey, England

Michael Caine, in answering a question about his belief in God, said, “I see God as benign [kindly]. My own
view is that I look around at everybody including the vicar and the priest, and the rabbi and the Muslim, and I suddenly realize they’re human beings exactly like me . . . I threw them all out of the window at a very early age.”

I will never forget the film Alfie. Michael Caine played the role of a smooth-talking bachelor who committed adultery with a middle-aged married woman. It was a one-night fling. Unfortunately, she became pregnant and he encouraged her to have an abortion, rather than face the complexities of continuing the pregnancy.
He was present during the procedure, and out of curiosity he looked at the fetus. It was a very moving moment. He came out of the room looking pale and shocked, horrified that the fetus wasn’t a blob of mucus, but was an actual baby. It was then that he realized he had been instrumental in taking the life of his own child.
The incident caused him to be very contemplative about life. The theme of the movie kicked in at that point: “What’s it all about, Alfie?” While he was enjoying the pleasures of illicit sex, life was exciting. There wasn’t too much to think about. But when Alfie considered the life he had just taken, when the reality of moral absolutes came into play, he was left soberly wondering about the purpose of his existence. Are humans just a species of animal, with no sense of right or wrong? Why then do we have the pangs of conscience when we take a life? If life has purpose, why does death snatch us from it? What is it all about?
It was that very thought that softened my heart to the gospel. I too asked the sobering question about life’s purpose. Life had been good to me. At the age of 20 I had my own business, car, house, wife, and child. I owned a combined surf shop and custom leather jacket business. It was lucrative, and I had the freedom to slap a “Gone surfing” note on the door of my shop anytime I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for more.
There was a problem, though. I realized that death could strike me or my loved ones at any moment. It was as though I had this big happiness bubble, and it was only a matter of time until the sharp pin of reality caused it to burst. Death made my existence futile. Happy though I was, I realized I was waiting around to die. So was every other human being. It made no sense.
Perhaps you have never had thoughts such as these. Maybe you’re thinking, “Lighten up a little. Look on the positive side of things.” Let me ask you a question: If someone were pushing you closer and closer toward a thousand-foot cliff, would you wonder why? I hope you would, and that you would see that it’s in your immediate and best interest to get out of your predicament. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second brings you closer to the inevitable cliff of death. Are you wondering why? Why is it that everything you hold dear to you will one day be ripped from your hands? How did you get into this situation, and how can you get out of it? As I was researching for this book, I ran across a publication that listed every movie Hollywood ever made—every star, every director, screenwriter, etc. It was a huge volume, about the size of a phone book.
So many names I read were familiar. There’s a sense of excitement when it comes to Hollywood celebrities; I’m sure you feel it. Just seeing their names in print sparks indelible memories from the silver screen. As I smiled at each recollection, I would very often see under their name the date of their death. It wasn’t one or two who had passed on, but thousands. I wondered how many of these shining stars faded into distant nobodies after they lost their youthful looks. How many became overnight has-beens, or destitute alcoholics or drug addicts who tried to escape from the painful reality that their glory days were over? I wondered how many had considered the question asked by Alfie, and then made peace with God before death snatched them into eternity.
Do you remember the thought-provoking words of George Lucas from the opening pages of this book? He considered the all important question. He said, “Not having enough interest in the mysteries of life to ask the question, ‘Is there a God or is there not a God?’—that is for me the worst thing that can happen. I think you should have an opinion about that. Or you should be saying, ‘I’m looking. I’m very curious about this, and I am going to continue to look until I can find an answer, and if I can’t find an answer, then I’ll die trying.’”

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Words of Comfort: The Cure

“Does [“Blessed are the poor in spirit”] mean that those who are not humbled and ashamed by their desires are rich in spirit? Do the rich in spirit have to be unspeakably grateful for the sea of mercy?” Sionnach Fionn
Think of it like this. Someone who has terminal cancer who realizes that he is dying, will turn to the doctor for a cure because he sees his need. Someone else who has terminal cancer who thinks he’s healthy, won’t turn to the doctor for the cure. The one who sees his desperate state is fortunate because seeing his need led to his cure, but the deluded person who thought he was healthy ended up dying a painful death.

So it is with Christianity. If you see that you are poor in spirit—that you stand morally destitute before God, you will turn to Him for forgiveness and everlasting life. But if you are deluded into thinking that you are morally okay before God, you will stay in your sins and end up damned in Hell. Those who are poor in spirit are "blessed”—highly favored, but those who think that they are morally rich bring themselves under the just wrath of God.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Words of Comfort: Targeted at Atheists?

An atheist wrote recently and commented: “Half of Ray's updates are targeted at atheists. He has made a lucrative name for himself by stirring the pot while making himself look quite the fool. The only fool is the atheist who insists on reacting to his nonsense giving him more publicity.”

This is true. I wonder why he was personally reacting to my nonsense and giving me more publicity? After another atheist accused me of targeting atheists, I took the time to go back through 40 of my posts, and found only one mention of atheism. I don’t particularly “target” atheists, but anyone who isn’t born again. Jesus said that if someone isn’t born again, they won’t enter Heaven (see John 3). So if you’re an atheist, Jesus said “You must be born again.” If you are not an atheist, the same applies.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Friday, 24th May 2013.

The Sacrifice Of One
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Season 4 promo
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Words of Comfort: Justice in Heaven

“Ray you are quite sick minded person. Thank you for telling me how I think and then on that assumption deem me to Hell. Then tell me that the guy who sexually assaulted the 4 year old girl (Wales, UK), chopped her up and disposed of her body in the furnace can go to Heaven because he can 'repent'. Do you know what, I don't want to go to Heaven if it is full of lying repenting rapists and murderers." Philip W.
It's understandable that you are angered by such a heinous crime. And so you should be. It reveals something about your character. You feel that way, not because you are an animal as a result of evolution. If that was the case, all life is merely the survival of the fittest and what happened to that little girl was simply the lion devouring the baby antelope. Rather, you are made in the image of God, with a sense of right and wrong and a craving for justice when there is evil. Cultivate that indignation, it’s what makes you different from the animals and it’s what makes justice work. Now multiply that anger a million times and you will get a glimpse of the indignation of Almighty God against evil. He is wrath-filled at murderers, rapists, liars, thieves, adulterers, and fornicators, as well as those who hate, lust, covet, etc. Hell is waiting as God's place of just punishment for all who have done evil in His morally pure eyes. That’s why you need a Savior.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Words of Comfort: Hook Worms

"Okay. Ray, you're really starting to worry me now. Do you actually believe all that? I mean, about a Creator? Your premise is that the world we live in is highly complex and ordered, and that such complexity would require a Creator. If that is correct, then the Creator would be much more complex than that which He has created - which means that the Creator would need a Creator, since complex things require a creator... Secondly, you omitted from your list of God's wonderful creation such things as hook worm, that like to wind their way into the eyes of humans and then into their brain to kill them. Why do you not acknowledge that - if there is a Creator - he has made some pretty wicked/hurtful/spiteful forms of life?" Stephen B.

The Creator would only need a creator if He wasn't eternal. God has no beginning and no end. The Bible teaches that He dwells outside of the dimension of time. When you die you will move out of time into eternity and stand before Him in Judgment, no matter what you don't believe. The hook worm argument is from theist Mark Twain, who believed in his own version of God, and at the same time hated established religion. The reason there are hook worms is the same reason that there are disease-ridden Mosquitos, man-eating sharks, people-killing cancer, earthquakes, tornadoes, pain, suffering and death--we live in a fallen creation. All these things don't disprove the Bible, they confirm its divine truths.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 22th May 2013.

President Obama gets a “180”!

Mark got this message:
Chris said: “My second mother…got to go see the President speak today. They did a background check on her and then let her sit in the front row. She was able to get a copy of [the] 180 movie…into [President] Obama’s hand.”

Life United

A woman’s abortion story

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Words of Comfort: The Creator Created

"In every fiber of my being, every second that I breath, every moment I experience, I know there isn't [a God]." Guy Recline P.
There are two reasons I don’t accept this statement. The first is that only those who are omniscient can say that there is no God. What they mean to say is that with the limited knowledge they have at present, they have come to the conclusion that there is no God, but they really don't know because there may be ample evidence in the knowledge they haven’t yet discovered. And the second reason I dispute what is said is that I have inside information on every human being. There’s a Whistle-blower. Every person has intuitive knowledge that the Creator exists, because of creation. As the Bible says, they "suppress the truth in unrighteousness," and the reason they do that is because they know that if they admit God exists they are admitting that they are morally responsible to Him.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 21st May 2013.

(CNN) The scene -- block after block of flattened homes and businesses, the gutted remains of a hospital and hits on two elementary schools -- left even seasoned veterans of Oklahoma’s infamous tornadoes reeling.
  • The state medical examiner’s office said 24 people were confirmed dead, including nine children. Earlier reports of at least 51 deaths were erroneous.
  • At least 100 people have been pulled alive from the rubble by rescuers.
  • Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb likened the destruction to a “two-mile-wide lawnmower blade going over a community.”
  • Meteorologists say the storm system that spawned this tornado isn’t over yet and more is expected.

Family comes out of storm cellar after May 20th Tornado in Moore Oklahoma

“Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.” In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.”
Job 1:20-22

What can believers do?
  1. Pray
    • Salvation & laborers
    • Survivors be found
    • Families of those who lost children/loved ones
    • Finances to rebuild

  1. Donate; we can recommend the Salvation Army (

  1. Use it as a stepping stone to witness to people (where would you have gone, why do you think God allowed this, etc.)

How Can a Suffering Christian Stay Close to God? - Ravi Zacharias

A great gospel website to send to someone going through a rough time

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Words of Comfort: Cold Case Christianity

"In these days of darkness, where not-so-common sense has been discarded by a Hell-bent world, we need men of insight and reason who will lift up the light of the glorious gospel. May God use J. Warner Wallace and his fascinating and thought-provoking book, Cold Case Christianity to reach many for the Kingdom of God." -Ray Comfort

Monday, May 20, 2013

Words of Comfort: Judgment Day

The Bible makes it clear that there will be a Day of Judgment. The Scriptures warn, “Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished” (Prov. 11:21). However, will the standard of judgment be the Ten Commandments, or something else? Some believe it be the words of Jesus that will judge mankind, based on John 12:48: “He who rejects Me, and does not receive My words, has that which judges him—the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.”

What words of Jesus will humanity be judged by? The Scriptures say the Lord would “magnify the law and make it honorable” (Isa. 42:21). This was the essence of the Messiah’s teaching ministry. The religious leaders had twisted and demeaned the Law so that its original intent was lost. But Jesus magnified it, showing that lust was adultery, that anger without cause violated its holy precepts, etc. He reminded them that not one jot or tittle of the Law would fail.

When Paul preached on Mars Hill, he warned the idolatrous Athenians, who had violated the First and Second Commandments, that God would judge the world “in righteousness.” The “righteousness” of which he spoke is the “righteousness of the law” (Rom. 8:4). Scripture tells us that the moral Law is the standard by which God will judge mankind: “For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law, and as many as have sinned in the law will be judged by the law” (Rom. 2:12, emphasis added). James 2:12 also warns that the moral Law will be the standard of judgment: “So speak and so do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty.”

Those who may be tempted to say that the “law of liberty” isn’t the moral Law but “the law of Christ” should consider the context. The preceding verse tells us what James had in mind: “For He who said, ‘Do not commit adultery’ [7th Commandment], also said, ‘Do not murder’ [8th Commandment]. Now if you do not commit adultery, but you do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law” (James 2:11).

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Words of Comfort: Eyes on Jerusalem

"Jesus is coming very soon. Yes, I believe Jesus said that in the Bible.....a few millennia ago. Don't hold your breath." Danny O'Brien

Right, don't hold your breath. Rather, keep your eyes on Jerusalem and the surrounding nations. That's the biblical timeline. Jesus said the Second Coming would happen when the Jews got Jerusalem. That happened in 1967. They were without a homeland for 2,000 years. When you mock His coming by saying that the signs of the times have always been around, realize that you are fulfilling prophecy in saying those very words. Scripture even says why you mock: 1. You love your lust (isn’t that true?). 2. You are ignorant that God dwells outside of the dimension of time, and that a day to Him is as a thousand years to us. He's waiting for you, because He will take no pleasure in your just damnation. Here’s the verse about your motives: “Scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” (2 Peter 3:3-4). You may be under the impression that when Jesus comes again He will be walking around on the shores of Galilee. That’s a misconception of Scripture. His first coming was as the harmless Lamb of God who came to be a sacrifice for the sin of the world. He came to bring mercy to sinful humanity. In His Second Coming He comes in wrath. He comes as a lion to bring justice to humanity. Here is one mention of that terrifying Day: “…when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with His mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God, and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. These shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power, when He comes, in that Day, to be glorified in His saints and to be admired among all those who believe, because our testimony among you was believed” (2 Thessalonians 1:7-10).

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Thursday, 16th May 2013.

Season 4 – Imputed Righteousness Clip

Spreading the Fire events

Do you avoid talking to the lost because it makes you really uncomfortable? If you answered yes then this event is for you! With a mixture of evangelism training and a time to hit the streets, Spreading the Fire will equip Christians to reach the lost. There will be many others practicing evangelism at these events; you can feel free watch others until you are ready to step out of your comfort zone. Come and get fired up!

Ohio Fire | May 24-25
Jersey Fire | July 12-13
NorCal Fire | Sept. 20-21

For more info<>

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Words of Comfort: Would Jesus Be Sad?

“I think Jesus of Nazareth would be saddened by the actions of those who worship his name.” Grant M Ritchie

The Bible gives a list of those who will not enter the Kingdom of God: “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). The word “revilers” means foulmouthed abusive slanderous people. Revilers are rooted in disobedience to the Gospel, often denying the reality of His existence and abusing those who love Him. So instead of making up thoughts about Jesus being sad, we should base our theology on Holy Scripture to see what it sees about how He feels: “And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power…” (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Wednesday, 15th May 2013.

(WASHINGTON POST) After a two-month trial and 10 days of deliberation, a jury on Monday decided that Baby A, Baby C and Baby D lived a few fleeting moments outside their mothers’ wombs before their spinal cords were severed at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic in West Philadelphia. The way those brief lives ended didn’t amount to abortion but to three acts of first-degree murder, jurors concluded.

A rape victim speaks out on abortion

One of our “180 Baby’s” first birthday!
(Facebook post from Maria) “Do you remember Amanda Mae?? She just celebrated her 1st birthday last Friday! I had many doubts about having another child, but I wasn't sold on abortion either (although it was an "option" to consider). I came across the 180 Movie and it took away all doubts and fear about having her even though it was not optimal timing or an optimal situation. If you're scared and are considering an abortion because you're worried about MATERIAL things, let me reassure you that there are MANY resources out there to help. You just need to ask!

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Yesterday’s Show Notes: Tuesday, 14th May 2013.

GM28 iPhone app

Available in the “Apple App Store”— free download.

Wimbledon Outreach

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Words of Comfort: Never Fails

I never panic if the gate to our home is left open and the dog gets out. This is because I have trained him to salivate at the sound of a hand squeezed toy horn. Ever since he was a puppy he knows that if he hears that sound and responds, he gets a meat treat. He never fails to come running because he knows that I keep my word.

In speaking of a Godly person, Psalm 15:4 says he “swears to his own hurt, and changes not.” In other words if he says that he will do something, he will do it, even if it hurts him to keep his word. However, it’s not always possible for a human being to keep a promise. A father may promise his son a bike for Christmas, but a financial collapse or his own death may not make it possible. But God always keeps His word—because with Him, nothing is impossible. You can reply on His “exceeding great and precious promises” more than you can that the sun will be shining tomorrow.   

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Words of Comfort: Need God

“How is it ‘evil’ if I don't feel there is enough evidence to believe in him? That is my only ‘sin’ and it's going to have me burn eternally. Why is that deserving of the most extreme, eternal punishment while a serial killer is deemed ‘less evil’ than I am merely because he accepts Jesus? He is considered ‘evil’ on Earth, but gets to reside in Heaven; I am a good person in life, but burn in Hell because of a technicality.” Donna Maree
Donna, every one of us believes in the existence of God. To look at 1.4 million different kinds of birds, fish, insects and animals, all with male and female (except for a few snails), flowers, the four seasons, fruits, color, the magnificence of the sky and the brilliance of the sun, and say it had no Designer is the ultimate rebellion.  But that is just an anthill compared to the mountain of sin each of us have mounded up, and that sin calls for the justice of a holy God.
Imagine if we only sinned against God ten times a day. We let a little greed, some lust, or selfishness into our hearts. Or we have an attitude of ingratitude, tell a small lie, gossip, or hate someone, or we fail to love others as we love ourselves, or fail to be thankful to God for life. Maybe we blaspheme His name or take something that belongs to another person. At just ten sins a day, in 40 years we would have mounded up just under 150,000 sins that God must punish, because He is holy and just. When the Bible speaks of being damned by God for our sins, it means prison without parole. If you die in yours sins, you will find yourself without hope and in deep regret that you failed to trust in His mercy.
Your thought that a serial killer is deemed “less evil” because he “accepts Jesus” reveals your lack of theological understanding. No one will get to Heaven because they “accept Jesus.” That’s a term used by the contemporary Church, and it’s not in the Bible. Someone who has taken the life of another (as did the Apostle Paul) can be forgiven upon his repentance and faith alone in Jesus. That’s the way of salvation. 
Your assertion that you are a morally good person just isn’t true in the light of the biblical definition of “good.”  You are no doubt like the rest of us and have sinned against God a multitude of times. If you don’t believe it, put aside your own definition of a good person, and compare yourself to God’s perfect standard. You can do this at and as you do so, be assured that if you have taken the life of another person through abortion (or even advocated it) God can forgive you, because of what Jesus did on the cross.    

Monday, May 13, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Monday, 13th May 2013.

New Study: Texting And Driving Kills More Teens Than Drinking And Driving

(CBS NewYork) Texting while driving has now surpassed drinking and driving as the leading cause of death among teens, according to a new study. More than 3,000 teens die annually from texting while driving, compared to about 2,700 for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a study by Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

  • Half of high school kids who drive said they text behind the wheel, CBS 2′s Carolyn Gusoff reported.
  • “The reality is kids aren’t drinking seven days per week — they are carrying their phones and texting seven days per week, so you intuitively know this a more common occurrence,” Dr. Andrew Adesman
  • Statistics show that if you are communicating by text while driving a vehicle, you are 23 times more likely to crash.
  • Manhattan schoolteacher Julius Khan said he tells his students to “think about your mother and father crying over your grave or someone’s else grave that you’re responsible for killing.”

One possible solution is more widespread use of phone apps that restrict texts and calls from coming in when it detects the phone is in a moving car.



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Words of Comfort: "I fear death..."

“I am a Christian, I believe in the resurrection and I know that God has taken the sting of death away, but still I fear death, can anyone tell me why?"  Cheryl Phillips-June

Let me ask you a few questions that may help you. The first is, are you born again? That’s essential to salvation (see John 3:1-19). The second question is, between one to ten, how much faith do you have in God? If it’s anything under ten, that’s your problem. Let me explain. Fear and faith are opposites. If you stepped into an elevator in the Empire State building on the 80th floor with 100% faith in the elevator, you would have zero fear.  But if you were fearful that the cables could break, the fear shows that you lack faith in them. Let’s say one of the workers takes you to the back of the elevator and opens a small door to let you see the cables. He shows you eight cables, each with a three inch diameter that were said to be so strong just one cable could lift a Jumbo Jet. Your eyes widen, and you give a relieved smile. That knowledge gives you 100% faith in the elevator. All fear is gone.

Before anyone is born again, they are blind to the integrity of God. At repentance and faith in Jesus, the Bibles says that the eyes of our understanding are “enlightened.” We begin to see God in truth—that He’s without sin and He therefore cannotlie. The Scriptures even say that it’s impossible for Him to lie. So, as a Christian, you need not fear--the cables are ten miles thick. God will never let you down—even in death. You can trust Him with all of your heart. So the amount of fear of death you have is entirely up to you. In other words, if you don’t have faith in God, you will have fear. Personally, I’m not too excited about the process of death and the very thought of leaving those I so love, but death itself doesn’t worry me at all.  This is because I have great faith in God. I’ve been a Christian for more than 40 years and I have never doubted Him, not even for a moment. That sounds conceited doesn’t it? But let me make a comparison that will make it make sense. I have been married to my wife for more than 40 years and I have never doubted Sue, not even for a moment.  I have great faith in her. If I did doubt her in any way, it would be an insult to her integrity. How much more then should I trust Almighty God, who keeps every promise He makes.

So if you have doubted God (and fear is the barometer) get before Him and ask forgiveness for insulting His impeccable integrity. Now read these verses of Scripture carefully: “He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself; he who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son. And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life… (1 John 5:10-13).

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Words of Comfort: Blood

"The dishonesty of any belief system intentions can be measured by the significance of blood in its scripture and rituals." Matt Charman  

I don't think the word "dishonesty" is the correct one. Perhaps you meant "disgusting" or some other word. You are right though. There are many satanic cult and weird religions that use blood in their rituals. Blood is a precious commodity to humanity. We even have blood “banks” in which millions of deposits and withdrawals are made daily around the world to save lives. You have eight pints swirling around in your fearfully and wonderfully made body. In Christianity blood is supremely significant, because it was the blood of Jesus Christ that purchased our redemption.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today’s Show Notes: Thursday, 9th May 2013.

How can someone use Mother’s Day to reach the lost?

In a national poll of 1,000 Protestant pastors, LifeWay Research asked what the three highest attendance Sundays were throughout the year. Mother's Day (59 percent) ranked third behind the standard religious powerhouse holidays of Easter (93 percent) and Christmas (84 percent).

If you’re a pastor… PREACH THE GOSPEL IN SERVICE!! It will be one of the few times of the year where lost people will flock to church.

If you’re a kids worker… SHARE THE GOSPEL IN KIDS CLASSES!!! This may be the first and last time a child will be in church for a long time, give them the gospel in Sunday school and children’s classes.

Invite a neighbor to church with your family! Whether she’s a single mom, widow, or married, bring her with you. This is a time people are more likely to come to church (which creates a very natural bridge to a deep conversation about God).

Teen care packages. Partner with a local crisis pregnancy center and provide care packages to teen moms. Include nursing and newborn necessities, as well as a rose, Mother’s Day card, and a tract.

Park roses. Purchase long-stemmed pink roses or carnations and pass out flowers to moms at a local park. Attach a tract with them. You can do the same door-to-door in your neighborhood.

Mom’s making disciples

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Words of Comfort: Feelin' Good

Two men on a motorbike passed me recently with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” blaring at full volume. It’s a great song, and it sure made me feel good. 

Striving to feel good is the chief end of most in this world, but if that’s your motive for becoming a Christian, you are going to be disillusioned. Jesus didn’t come for that purpose. Besides, there are plenty of alternative feel good things to do--good music, good pizza, great sports, etc.  Being a Christian is like being with partying passengers on a plane that is going to crash. Some on board think that it’s more important to put on a parachute than party.  Every now and then partygoers stop for a moment, mock those who are wearing a parachute, and laugh at the thought of invisible gravity.  

So keep partying if you just want to feel good, but if you want to preserve your precious life, then “put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” and trust Him with all your heart.

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