Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words of Comfort: "F" word 110 times.

“I mock the Muslims too, I'm not scared of them like Christians are. I don't need to be.” Acacia Weir

The dialogue from a Johnny Depp movie uses the “F” word 110 times, and amidst the profanity are the words "Oh, Jesus," "Jesus Christ," "Jesus Christ," "For Christ's sake," "Jesus F*ing Christ," "Jesus Christ," "Jesus Christ," "Jesus Christ Almighty," "Jesus, God," "God, God, Jesus," "Jesus Christ," We are using a clip showing the blasphemy in our new Noah movie, and asking why it is that Hollywood never uses the name of “Mohammed” in the same way? The answer is obvious.
Acacia, I noticed that you hide your face in your profile picture and on your Facebook page. I wonder if you would be so foolish as to use the name of Mohammed in the way Hollywood use the Name of Jesus, along with your real name, address and photo.

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