Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Words of Comfort: The Titanic

The story of the Titanic has incredibly close parallels to the biblical plan of salvation. Just as the great pleasure ship struck an iceberg and sank, this great world— with all its inhabitants—is slowly sinking into the cold grip of death. As with the Titanic, where only those passengers who believed that they were in impending danger looked to the lifeboats, so only those who
believe that they are in mortal danger will look to the Lifeboat of the Savior, Jesus Christ. The
great “iceberg” that will take the world to an icy grave is the Moral Law—the Ten Commandments.

Here is the evidence that we are sinking: Jesus said that if we look with lust, we commit
adultery in our heart. No one who has had sex outside of marriage, or any liar, or any thief will
enter heaven. The Bible says that if we hate someone, we are guilty of murder. We fail to put
God first. We make a god in our image. We break all the Commandments. If we stay with the
“ship,” we will perish on the Day of Judgment, when all of our sins come out as evidence of our
guilt. God, however, is rich in mercy and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. He made a way for
us to be saved. Jesus Christ, the One whom the Bible calls the “Captain of our salvation,” gave
His life so that we could have a place in the lifeboat. He took our punishment upon Himself, suffering on the cross for us. We broke God’s Law, but He paid our fine. Then He rose from the
dead, defeating death. The moment we repent and trust in Him alone for our eternal salvation,
God will forgive us and grant us the gift of eternal life.

Don’t hesitate. You may wait until it’s too late! It was reported that some of the lifeboats
that left the Titanic early were only half full. Many more on board could have been saved, but
they refused to believe that the great “unsinkable” ship was sinking. They perished because
their faith was misguided. Don’t be like them. Believe the gospel. Repent and trust Jesus Christ
today . . . and God will never let you down. From, The Evidence Bible

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