Friday, March 28, 2014

Words of Comfort: Ego?

I often quote Charles Spurgeon. He went to be with the Lord over 100 years ago, but his amazing words are still bringing life to many. I have often said that small minds use big words to impress small minds and that some of the most educated people in this world are the dumbest people on earth. Spurgeon was both brilliant and simple. He had a vocabulary of 23,000 words. Shakespeare had 23,000 words. If you are average, you have about 13,000 words. Spurgeon had the brilliance to keep it simple so that the simple could understand his brilliant message.

The Christian preacher isn’t motivated by his ego. He isn’t out to impress his hearers. He wants sinners to avoid Hell and make it to Heaven, so he keeps the message simple, and this is the simple message: God is holy, we are sinful and therefore justly heading for Hell. He is rich in mercy and has provided a Savior so that we could be forgiven and granted the gift of everlasting life. The Christian gospel is the simplest of messages with the most profound consequences. If you are interested in finding everlasting life, simply do the test:

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