Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Words of Comfort: Humanism.

Humanism says that man is basically good, and that when he does something morally wrong, some outside influence has caused him to go off the rails--such as not having a father figure, poverty, bad friends, etc. This is in direct opposition to the Bible, which says that man is off the rails from the moment he is born. One argument for that is that we don't have to teach our children to do wrong. They intuitively know how to lie, be selfish and disobedient. We have to teach them to speak the truth, to share and to obey.

It wasn't too long ago that schools had corporal punishment as a means of discipline.  Nor was it too long ago that parents spanked their children. Those were the days when children showed respect for authority, when cars and house doors were left unlocked, a murder was national news, when there was no such thing as school shootings, kids killing kids, randomly knocking out strangers, etc.  

Humanism even influences the running of our criminal system. It says that the lawbreaker is basically a good person and the rape or the murder he committed wasn't his fault, but rather the influence of unfortunate circumstances. So he isn't sent to prison for punishment, but for set him back on the rails. This has had the effect of removing the fear of the law from society, and when people don't fear the law there is no restraint when it comes to crime.

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